Connecticut State Groundhog Dies

The official state groundhog, Chuckles VIII, passed away and the Lutz Children’s Museum in Manchester made the sad announcement yesterday.

Chuckles arrived at the museum about five years ago after being found as an orphan. She was not able to be released into the wild due to her several chronic medical conditions.

This year, Chuckles predicted the coming of spring on Groundhog Day.

“The museum was crowded with visitors and the media on Groundhog Day each year as she whispered her prediction into the Mayor’s ear. She will be remembered fondly by the museum volunteers, her friends at Bolton Veterinary Hospital, and her thousands of adoring fans,” museum officials said in a Facebook post.

The Lutz Children’s Museum has begun the search for the next Connecticut State Groundhog, although it might take several months to find because of the museum’s policy to only accept animals determined by a veterinarian to be non-releasable.

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