Connecticut State Parks Ensure No Child Is Left Inside

All spring, adventurers young and old have followed clues through Connecticut’s state parks.

“The whole idea of ‘No Child Left Inside’ is to encourage people to get outdoors with their families,” said Diane Joy the educational director for the Connecticut state parks.

Kids had their eyes on the prize as they tried to finish the second to last leg of the "Great Park Pursuit," on Saturday.

“The challenges are fun and also if I do all the challenges I get season passes to all the state parks,” said 7-year-old Aedan McCarthy.

Organizers said the biggest prize of all is the time spent outside. Each weekend has a different theme. From hiking to history, fishing and now farming.

Families flocked to Auerfarm in Bloomfield, Saturday. It was a chance to see Connecticut’s newest state park and learn a little bit about life on the farm.

“I’m going to be a veterinarian when I grow up, so that’s kind of why I’m here,” explained 7-year-old Sitareh Colon.

At Auerfarm, a beekeeper kept kids a buzz, while some met a feathered friend. Many said meeting the animals, which included a mule, a donkey, alpacas, goats, and chickens, was their favorite part.

Auerfarm is the state’s newest park. Forty-acres of land was donated in December.

“People can look around from here and see Heublien Tower which is right across the way or see the Hartford skyline,” Joy said. “We’re so close to Hartford that our urban groups will be able to come in and use the park and have some fun."

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