Connecticut State Police Mass Transit Unit Heightens Security After Paris Attacks

In light of the Paris attacks, the Connecticut State Police Mass Transit Unit has heightened their security in mass transit stations in Connecticut.

The team has existed for about five years. Each person on the team is equipped with an explosive canine detection dog and radiological monitoring equipment – and they’re looking for anything out of place or suspicious.

“I notice a lot more police activity, a lot more dogs I’ve seen three dogs come by and it’s usually only one dog,” Annette Cogdell, of Bridgeport, said.

NBC Connecticut got the chance to follow the team at New Haven's Union Station to see how they make sure everyone is safe.

“They focus on train station lobbies, we focus on platforms. And these officers will actually get on board trains and ride the trains with the commuters,” said Sgt. Steve Ostrosky, who works in the state police mass transit unit.

Troopers are also getting on board buses and checking them inside and out.

Trooper P.J. Conway and his dog, Jackie, showed NBC Connecticut how they search for explosives on buses. Officers use a tin can and fill it with C4 as a training aid for the dogs.

“I had it underneath that bag and Jackie, who has been trained on C4, when she smelled it [she] automatically sat,” said Trooper Conway.

Authorities said they also need the public’s help. They’re asking if you see something suspicious, say something.

L.A. Pomeroy said the heightened security hits home for her. She has family in Paris.

“Even sitting here looking up, seeing the guys here with their dogs, seeing the uniforms here, it’s a welcoming presence,” said Pomeroy, who was traveling to New York City.

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