Pregnant Connecticut Teen Raising Money After Zika Diagnosis

The pregnant 18-year-old from Danbury who tested positive for the Zika virus is raising money for her baby and raising criticism in the process.

Sara Mujica set up a GoFundMe page she calls "Care for baby with Zika infection."

Mujica tested positive for Zika at Danbury Hospital then went back to her fiancé in Honduras. Though the virus may cripple her baby, Mujica said on the page, "I have decided to keep my baby because it's what God has given to me and I am taking full responsibility of my actions."

Regardless of Mujica's comments, people were still quick to criticize Mujica on the GoFundMe page.

"You are a ridiculously selfish person. You are making horrible decisions and now you want other people to fund it! How dare you! Make the right choice and give the baby up for adoption!" wrote Meagan Byrne Elliott.

In another comment, Diane Pressly wrote: "Shame on you. If you were a real mom and loved your child at all, you wouldn't put an innocent life through what's ahead. Begging people for money to pay for your poor choices just makes a bad situation worse. So sad.

Others who spoke to NBC Connecticut on Monday, thought Mujica might need the added help.

"To help a small child I think that's amazing that that baby needs the help. We should all chip in."

In May, the 18-year-old was shocked to learn she had the Zika virus.  

At the time of the pregnancy test, she said, she was getting over an illness that gave her rashes, headaches and neck aches. She thought it was related to fish she had eaten, not Zika.

"If she wants to have it then that's her choice," said Josh Urban. "If she's willing to take on the responsibility of raising a sick kid then that's her decision."

Also on the gofundme page Mujica said if her baby is born without damage from Zika, she'll give the money she raises to people in need.

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