Decision 2020

Connecticut Voters Share Which Issues are Driving them to the Polls

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“If I don’t vote, I don’t have a voice,” said Jacqueline Rodriguez.

The Rocky Hill preschool teacher plans to go to the polls on Election Day, but she’s still undecided on who she’ll vote for in the state and local elections.

“I’m just looking at honesty.  Who’s really being honest, even though it’s hard to tell,” she explained.

Plenty of other people told us they’ve already made up their mind.

“I already voted,” said Patricia Garcet, also of Rocky Hill.

“I got my mail-in ballot.  As soon as I got it in, I sent it back out,” said Peter Gray of Windsor.

For Gray this isn’t a single-issue election.  National issues like health care and local ones like the economy and policing are top priorities. 

“It’s not about defunding. I like police. It’s just that we need more accountability on both sides,” Gray explained.

Voters seem most concerned with how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting their pocketbook.

“It’s all about the economy. No one’s got money, no one’s got jobs,” said Garcet.

“Taxes are way too high,” added Gray.

“You know, being a small state it’s hard to get that revenue,” said Jan Tirinzonie of Wethersfield.

This year, an exasperated electorate is just ready to move on from this election.

“There’s so much going on in America. There’s so much tension,” said Gray.

“The main issue is to get this country back on track.  We are so divided.  We’re not the United States of American we’re the divided states of America,” Tirinzonie added.

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