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Connecticut Water Asks Some Shoreline Residents Keep Water Use to Essentials Only

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Connecticut Water is asking customers in Clinton, Guilford, Madison, Old Saybrook and Westbrook to avoid unnecessary water use due to a power outage at one of their facilities that could cause a supply shortage.

The company said they've been without power at one of their key drinking water facilities in Clinton for more than 24 hours. While they do have an emergency generator, they are seeing mechanical issues. Crews are on scene working to make repairs.

Customers are asked to avoid any unnecessary water use so the company can maintain a supply in storage for drinking, hygiene and sanitation, fire protection and other essential uses.

The water quality is not affected by the outage and it is safe to drink.

The company said they are not aware of any service outages. If you are without water service, report it to the company.

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