Vernon police

Connecticut Water Warns of Impostors in Vernon

Connecticut Water is warning customers to be on alert after two men posing as company employees tried to access a home in Vernon.

Company officials said the two impostors posing as employees tried to enter a home on Old Town Road, but when the homeowner asked the men for ID, they could not provide it. The homeowner did not let them in and contacted Connecticut Water, which notified Vernon police.

Connecticut Water has a customer protection program that emails a picture of employees to the customer before scheduled appointments so the customer knows the person at the door is legitimate. Company employees always carry photo IDs and drive company vehicles.

If you are unsure about whether someone is a Connecticut Water employee, you can contact the company at 1-800-286-5700 to confirm. Any immediate concerns or suspicious people should be reported to local police.

For more information, visit the Connecticut Water website.

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