Buddy the Beefalo

Connecticut's Famous Buddy Gets a Happy Ending in Florida

Buddy the beefalo
Plymouth Police

Connecticut's famous Buddy the Beefalo, coined as "biso-cow" by his new owners, is making friends and enjoying his time at his new home in Gainesville, Florida.

Buddy was released from quarantine and is already enjoying his time with other moo-pals at Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary.

The sanctuary said they were a little nervous as to how Buddy would react to meeting the rest of the herd, but he fit right in. Buddy ran right past buffalo who didn't even really notice anyone new had been added to the herd, they said.

In the video posted by Buddy's new owners, he can be seen running off into the distance and interacting with others in the herd.

"After escaping death at the slaughterhouse, then living by himself on the lam for eight full months, we honestly couldn't have asked for a better outcome for him than this. He seems happy, he seems to feel safe, and he has all the friends and green grass he could want. I only wish every biso-cow and cow's story had a happy ending like Buddy's," Critter Creek said on Facebook.

The sanctuary said that when they left him, he was "grazing happily with his new moo-family."

The Buddy saga started when the 1,000-pound bovine escaped a Plymouth butcher in August. Even Plymouth Police Captain Benecchi flew all the way to Florida to reunite with Buddy after he was captured earlier this year.

His time on the run has provided some fun for people in town and beyond.

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