Consultant to Study Possible Merger for Ansonia, Derby School Districts

Consolidating the Ansonia and Derby school districts has been an idea for quite some time now. On Monday, a consultant will be selected at Ansonia High School to study the process.

The study will last for two years.

Both cities said they're looking to improve education including having more AP courses while saving money.

In June, NBC Investigates found that plenty of people still aren't in favor of consolidation, while others are more open-minded.

"There's a big rivalry between Ansonia and Derby. And I don't think that's such a great idea," said Lisa Lewis-Hoxha, of Ansonia.

"Maybe they should help each other, maybe they could work out a deal with helping each other," added Richard Tracy, of Ansonia.

The consultant to study this possible merger will be picked at 7 p.m.

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