Controversy Brewing Over Memorials Marked as Pokemon Go Stops

Some local veterans are not happy about their memorial sites being transformed into Pokémon Go gyms.

"For recognition, for the veterans. That's why memorials are there," said Army Veteran Steven Polzun.

Polzun said he's not happy Iwo Jima Memorial Park in New Britain and others like it are being transformed into Pokemon gyms and Pokestops for Pokémon Go players..

"No no no they shouldn't, and their parents should know better to bring them there," said Polzun.

"I was on my way to the mall and noticed that there was a Pokemon Go gym over here," said Pokemon Go player Mary Solis.

Solis disagrees with how some are reacting to the virtual transformations.

"I think they should be happy about it because it gets people to stop by that normally wouldn't be here," said Solis.

"If it gets people here. So many people don't even know anything about World War II!" said Rob Gleba of South Salem.

Gleba doesn't play Pokemon Go but he does take part in Geocaching, a game where players need to visit different locations to find hidden items.

Gleba drove up from South Salem, NY and picked this spot for a reason.

"That's what brought us up here, and now we're paying our respects for it," said Gleba.

While the popular Pokemon game changes what some might see in these spots. Whether it's doing so for the better or worse is up to debate.

"I don't think so if I see them I'll kick them out!" said Polzun.

"I think it's nice. It gets people to stop by that normally wouldn't stop by like me. I think it's a good idea," said Solis.

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