Cook Report: Senate Race Leans Democrat

Blumenthal Add B

Connecticut’s U.S. Senate race has been all over the political map since the beginning of the year, and political experts who are watching the race say it is back to leaning Democrat, at least this week.

In December and January, the Cook Political Report was predicting that the seat could go to a Republican. In the months since, it’s mostly been considered a toss-up.

Then, on May 19, The New York Times ran a story questioning whether Attorney General Richard Blumenthal misrepresented his service record. The next day, the Cook Report listed the state as a toss up, but has changed its stance.  The Cook Report rankings on May 27 also listed the state as a toss up, but today’s report has our local race leaning Democrat.

“Like many observers, we felt that the story might prove nearly fatal to Blumenthal’s Senate campaign. That belief was bolstered by the criticism Blumenthal faced when he held a press conference to push back on The New York Times story, but didn’t apologize though he eventually did,” the Cook Report says. “However, two polls have been released since May 19 to suggest that Blumenthal may have sustained just limited damage from the controversy.”

In December and January, the Cook Report had the race leaning Republican. In the months since, it has been considered a toss up.

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