Cooler, Seasonable Weather Ahead

Dry, sunny and cooler to end the week

One last day of 70 degree weather is upon us, for the foreseeable future at least. An evening cold front will bring a return to reality for late October.

High temperatures will be in the lower 70s this afternoon with a blend of clouds and sun. A few rain showers will move through this evening. It will be breezy with gusts to 20 mph.

Tomorrow's a much cooler day. Temperatures only rise into the lower to upper 50s, though it will be mostly sunny. The change will be noticeable.

The pick of the weekend is Saturday. Plenty of sunshine is expected and there can be some high clouds, especially later in the day. Temperatures will be in the lower to upper 50s.

Sunday's not as pleasant because another cold front comes through the state. There will be a respectable amount of cloud cover in the morning with a few showers. However, it does look like rapid improvement arrives in the afternoon.

Dry, mostly sunny weather dominates early next week.

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