Cop Accused of Beating Drunken Suspect

A Wolcott police officer has been charged with assaulting a person who was being held at the police station, accused of driving under the influence.

Officer Bryan Spiotti, 42, a 12-year police veteran, is accused of assaulting the suspect at the end of January.

Spiotti's attorney, Hugh Keefe, takes issue with the police department investigating one of its own, particularly in light of the fact that his wife, Doreen Spiotti, is an officer on the same police force and won a substantial settlement in a harassment case brought against the same department.

Keefe said he requested that State Police handle the investigation but Wolcott police refused the request.

Bryan Spiotti turned himself in to Wolcott police Thursday morning and was released on a promise to appear.

Wolcott Police Chief Paul Scirpo Jr. said Spiotti has an average performance history with no documented abuse incidents.

Spiotti is on paid leave pending the outcome of the case and scheduled to be arraigned in Waterbury on March 11.

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