Cop On Patrol Saves Man From Carbon Monoxide

Thomas Pagano lived through two world wars and is what some would consider a hero, but the Orange man is thanking a hero of his own for possibly saving his life.  

When Pagano, 93, went to bed after a recent birthday dinner, he noticed that he was coughing a bit more than usual. He soon learned that there were high levels of carbon monoxide coming from a furnace. 

Sgt. Raymond Laplante was patrolling the area of Route 34 and Racebook Road when he smelled smoke. It was coming from Pagano's fireplace.

Police rushed in, rescued Pagano and found carbon monoxide from the furnace seeping into the house. 

The gas levels were 30 parts per million on the first floor and 120 in the basement, levels too high for livable conditions. 

"I was helped by someone and going back some years, I remember I helped others, that I didn't know either. Life plays funny tricks sometimes," Pagano said.

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