Coping With Stress in the Days Following the 2016 Election

After staying up late to track the 2016 presidential election results, University of New Haven sophomore Khaaliq Crowder said it was a struggle to fall asleep.

“When I saw a Buzzfeed news article saying (Donald) Trump is president I just, I was in such denial and this cannot be,” he said.

Crowder has found one way to cope with the stress of his preferred choice for president, Hillary Clinton, not winning.

“Trying to listen to music to numb, it’s very therapeutic for me,” Crowder said.

At the UNH Student Center for Diversity and Inclusion, Director Juan Hernandez said the message to those who are shocked is to take the results as a call to action to become more politically involved.

“Run for office, locally, statewide,” Hernandez said, “because right now you’re seeing that I think something the Republicans have done an amazing job at is actually taking of general assemblies.”

UNH sophomore Zachary Glowacki is not stressing out the day following the election as he proudly wore his red “Make America Great Again” hat on campus.

“Everybody thinks he’s going to cause a World War because he’s a hot head but I don’t believe he will, I believe he will act like a president like everything other president would and do the right things to make this country better, which is why his quote is Make American Great Again.”

Crowder is still reluctant to give Trump a chance as he worries what his presidency will mean for his future.

“We’re just going to have to give him a try, and um, I really don’t know to be honest,” he said, “but this one line from Kendrick Lamar’s song, “We’re gonna be alright.”

One suggestion if you remained stressed out by the election results is try taking break from reading Facebook feeds and Twitter wars, at least for a little.

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