Cop's Alleged Assault Caught on Tape

The video from a camera inside the Wolcott Police Department seems to show Officer Brian Spiotti hitting or slapping suspect Glenn Pelletier, who was arrested and accused of drunken driving. 

A few minutes later, it appears that Spiotti kicks Pelletier into the holding cell. But, the officer’s lawyer said the tape does not tell the whole tale, nor does the affidavit upon which the assault charges have been file.

With Spiotti by his side, Minnella entered a not guilty plea on his client's behalf Thursday in Waterbury.

“There were certain pertinent facts that were omitted that would exculpate my client and things that were included that were not true,” Martin Minnella, Spiotti’s defense attorney, said.

Spiotti's attorney plans to file a motion for a hearing. He said he will present a much different picture of what happened during Pelletier's arrest on Jan. 29, and it will be of an aggressive and abusive suspect unwilling to comply with arresting officers

“That would allow a judge, after he sees and hears what (happened) to dismiss the case,” Minnella said.

Spiotti’s attorney insists the charges against the officer are in retaliation for a lawsuit his wife, also a Wolcott police officer, filed against the department and won. 

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