Bank Robber Buried The Loot: Cops

As Richard Gordon and Brendan McGarrett tried to elude police after allegedly robbing a Bristol bank, Gordon buried evidence, police said. Now, evidence tampering charges have been added to his already lengthy police record. 

Gordon, 34, and McGarrett are accused of robbing Webster Bank at 150 Main St. in Bristol on June 2 and stealing $16,744, police said.

McGarrett drove the getaway van, police said, and Gordon buried evidence in the woods near Reservoir Road.

When police searched for evidence, they found $10,882 buried. They also found $5,722 in the van and $140 on Gordon, police said.

Cops also said they found evidence, including a baseball cap, ski mask, sunglasses, gloves and license plates registered to McGarrett’s van.

As Gordon was in court on other charges related to the robbery -- larceny, conspiracy, robbery charges and interfering with a police officer -- he was handed the evidence tampering charges.

Before the June 2 incident, Gordon had 44 prior arrests.

McGarrett was charged with first-degree robbery, first-degree larceny, first-degree conspiracy at robbery and first-degree conspiracy at larceny.  He is a convicted felon with an extensive criminal history, according to court records. 

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