Cops Fetch Alleged Robber Dog Scared Off

Ginger the dog chased a robber away, but police think they've fetched their suspect.

When an armed, masked man aimed a gun at the clerk of Glenwood Wine and Spirits in Clinton on Jan. 14, 2011, the mixed-breed pup growled, ran toward the suspect and scared him off. It was the first time the 6-year-old pooch acted like that.

Now, police have arrested two men police said are connected to the attempted robbery. The arrests were made in Middletown Superior Court on Thursday. Police said they had been charged with similar crimes in surrounding towns.

Korey Streater, 24, of New Haven, and Earl Telford, 26, of Meriden, were charged with criminal attempt to commit robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. They are both being held on $100,000 and are due in court on Thursday.  

New Haven and Hamden police and the U.S. Postal Investigators were involved in the investigation.   

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