Creepy Find Is Human Skull

Bridgeport drug raid turns up much creepier stash than pot

The skull narcotics cops found in a Bridgeport basement early Tuesday morning is indeed human.

Cops made the unusual discovery during a drug raid on the Madison Avenue house and sent the skull to the medical examiner, who said this is human, Bridgeport Detective Keith Bryant said.

Now, the state is going all CSI and conducting an anthropological review to try to determine the sex and age of the person and when he or she died.

Bryant says a headless body was found in Bridgeport about a decade ago, but it's not clear if there is a connection to the skull found during a drug raid Tuesday.

The basement, with blood-covered walls, sounds like something out of a horror movie.

"There was a small alligator head on top of what appears to be the human skull," Sgt. William Bailey, of the Tactical Narcotics Team said.  "There was a sheep's head or a goat's.  There were horns from an animal.  There was blood splatters and white writing.  There was a bowl with what appeared to be blood and a chicken with its head severed."

Then there were the Satanic writings, which contributed to cop's theory that the people were practicing Santeria, a Caribbean blend of West African beliefs and Catholicism that uses animal sacrifices in some rituals. They also found and a beheaded chicken with its blood draining into a bowl.

Police arrested five people at the home. On a much less interesting note, they say they found about one and a half ounces of marijuana and two guns.

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