Cops Nab Man Suspected of Swindling CT Woman


You've likely gotten one of those e-mails from Nigeria where someone writes that you've got money coming if you just wire money.

A Connecticut woman apparently fell victim to the scheme and had been swindled out more than $150,000 dollars when she notified she authorities, reports.

This week, the man police say is behind the scheme is in a South Carolina jail.

Kenneth Ojua, who is originally from Nigeria and has been living in the United States for 14 years, was arraigned on May 13 in a federal courthouse in Greenville, South Carolina, the Web site reports.

Assistant U.S. Attorney William Watkins Jr. says Ojua passed himself off as an "African diplomat" and he and another person promised the Connecticut woman $15 million if she paid Ojua a "storage fee."

Watkins calls it an international e-mail scheme and that story has been featured on NBC's Dateline.

Police discovered Ojua is The indictment says the scheme dates back to November 2006.

Here's how it happened, officials said: the defendants apparently concocted a story an American family who died in a car crash in Africa and $15 million that no one else could claim, the Web site reports.

When Dateline reported the story, they showed a log Ojua kept in his apartment that reportedly includes hundreds of potential victims from all across the country and the amounts of money each person sent.

Today, the federal prosecutor will seek to keep Ojua in jail while awaiting trial.

He has been charged with wire fraud according to

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