coronavirus in connecticut

Coronavirus Hospitalizations Up in Conn.

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Hospitalizations have increased in Connecticut by nine overnight, bringing the total to 72.

An additional 83 new cases have been reported, bringing total coronavirus cases in Connecticut to 48,232.

Total COVID-19 cases in Conn. have decreased by 74 because they were reported to be false positives. This number is a subset of the 90 false-positive tests reported earlier this week. The Connecticut Department of Public Health said the false positive tests would not be removed from the state total until it was confirmed there were no other positive test results.

There have been 13,483 COVID-19 tests done since yesterday. The percentage of positive tests is 0.6%.

Four new deaths have been reported, bringing the state death toll to 4,410.

People traveling to Connecticut from more than half of the country must self-quarantine as the region works together to slow the spread of COVID-19.

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