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Couple Says Michelle Troconis is More Than the Woman in Headlines

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A Farmington Valley couple said their personal connection to a suspect in the Jennifer Dulos murder case is so controversial they would only speak with NBC Connecticut if we kept their identities concealed.

“Look at us hiding ourselves now because we can’t speak openly and support her. That’s wrong,” the woman said.

The couple came to know Michelle Troconis nearly a year ago through mutual interests. The former girlfriend of Fotis Dulos has been charged as a co-conspirator in the death of Dulos’ estranged wife. She has pleaded not guilty.

“As someone who believes in innocent until proven guilty I took it into my heart to get to know her as a person and I’m amazed at the person she is,” the woman said.

The couple said that not only do they believe Troconis had nothing to do with Jennifer’s death but that there is more to the defendant than the public knows.

“Talented, smart, empathetic, kind, demure, everything that people don’t see on TV,” the woman said.

“It’s a very complicated case and all the information is starting to come out thank God,” the man said.

They’ve also gotten to know Troconis’ family, who asked them to share photos with NBC Connecticut, a rare look at the woman who has only been seen coming and going at the courthouse.

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Investigators said Troconis was with Dulos as he dropped off trash bags in Hartford with items that contained Jennifer’s blood. Troconis’ attorney argues that clips of surveillance video he released this week show his client did not help Dulos dispose of the items.

“It could happen to anybody that you just end up in the wrong place, trusting the wrong person,” the woman said.

Troconis was court Friday for the first time in six months where a judge removed some of the conditions of her bond as prosecutors filed new additional charges against her.

“Her focus in getting through all of these crazy times has been her daughter,” the man said.

The high profile defendant is now inching closer to her day in court.

“She’s never been bitter about it she just says this is what I have to go through right now I don’t know why but this is what I have to go through,” the woman said.

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