Couple Admits to Swindling Sugar Daddy

A couple who cheated a du Pont heir and “sugar daddy” out of $100,000 has pleaded guilty and will be paying their own prices.  

Christopher Jessop, 30, and Dawn Jessop, 28, of Mansfield, Ohio, pleaded guilty Wednesday to separate larceny charges.

The crazy case focuses on wealthy Greenwich financier and du Pont heir Stephen Dent, 54, who met Dawn Jessop through the Web site, a site that caters to older, wealthy men.

After they connected, technologically speaking, Jessop got gifts and money, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The two never met online but did exchange photos, according to the Connecticut Post. 

Then, last November, the Jessops turned the case into something else entirely when they
threatened to release information about Dent for patronizing prostitutes. He eventually paid them $100,000, police said.

The husband was sentenced to 18 months in prison and his wife was given three years probation.

Dent has been a victim of not one, but three types of these gold-digging scandals.

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