Couple With Empty Baby Stroller Steals $1,300 Worth of Items From CVS in Watertown

A couple with an empty baby stroller walked into a CVS in Watertown and walked out with more than $1,300 worth of merchandise, police said. 

On Tuesday, a man and woman walked into the CVS on 25 Davis Street in Oakville with a baby stroller at 9:40 p.m., according to Watertown Police. 

The couple stole about $1,353 worth of items from the store by placing them into the stroller, police said. 

Police described the the man in his late 20s or early 30s, wearing a white t-shirt, long plaid shorts, sneakers and a red New England Patriots cap. The woman, also in her late 20s, wore a gray hooded zip-up, jeans, sneakers and a New England Patriots cap.

The pair drove a small silver sedan, police said. 

Anyone with information on the couple is asked to call Detective Ferrucci at (860) 945-5200 or Crimestopopers at (860) 945-9940.

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