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Court Rules Fotis Dulos' Estate, Company Owe Farber Family Nearly $2 Million

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NBC Connecticut

A judge has issued a ruling in the civil case the family of missing mother Jennifer Dulos brought against her estranged husband and decided that the estate of the late Fotis Dulos and his company are liable for nearly $2 million.

Jennifer Dulos’ mother, Gloria Farber, brought the civil suit against Fotis Dulos and his home-building company, the Fore Group.

The court on Monday found that the Fore Group breached its contract to repay $1.74 million that Jennifer Dulos’ family loaned to Fotis Dulos and his company and that the company is liable for damages.

The court also ruled in favor of the Farber family that Fotis Dulos’ estate is liable under the terms of a promissory note for $191,000.  

Fotis Dulos died in January, days after attempting to commit suicide at his Farmington home.

Richard Weinstein, the attorney for Gloria Farber, issued a statement on Tuesday.

“Obviously we are very pleased with the court’s decision. We obtained civil justice however there will never be criminal justice. We’re optimistic we’ll be able to obtain some money for Gloria and the kids," he said in a statement.

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