Coventry Lake to be Treated for Highly Invasive Plant

Coventry Lake will be closed to swimming on Thursday so the water can be treated for a highly invasive plant.

The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the Town of Coventry will be using an herbicide to try and control Hydrilla.

Hyrdrilla is a non-native submerged weed that has been dubbed the "world's worst invasive aquatic plant," according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It can crowd out other aquatic plants and change the chemistry of the water it's in, the agency said.

Swimming will be off limits on Thursday, but boating and fishing will not be affected. The DEEP boat ramp will remain open.

Using water from the lake for irrigating grass, shrubs and most plants is not restricted, but the water should not be used to irrigate plants such as tomatoes, peppers and tobacco, through October 13, according to Solitude Lake Management. The water should also not be used on newly-seeded lawns.

Two "booster" treatments will also be performed within the next 45-60 days, the company said.

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