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COVID-19 Restrictions Lift in Conn.; Mask Mandates Change

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The state of Connecticut lifted many restrictions starting today, including ending the indoor mask mandate for people who are fully vaccinated.

Gov. Ned Lamont’s decision to lift restrictions comes after the CDC announced last week that fully vaccinated people can stop wearing masks in most indoor settings.

The other restrictions being lifted will include size limits and social distancing rules for businesses, such as large event venues, bars and nightclubs.

Although these restrictions have been lifted for all businesses, some may still choose to require masks while inside their establishment.

Masks will be required in health care facilities, facilities housing vulnerable populations, public and private transit, correctional facilities, schools and childcare.

“Let’s wear the masks a little bit longer," Lamont said. "Let’s go through the rest of this school year. Most of those kids aren’t vaccinated, most of them aren’t even authorized to be vaccinated. I know that makes the teachers feel a lot more comfortable as well.”

The state will be using the honor system and is relying on unvaccinated people to keep their masks on when inside, according to officials.

Metro-North said facemasks will continue to be required, regardless of your vaccination status, on all Metro-North trains, platforms, and inside stations and the terminal.

If someone nearby is not wearing a mask and you can't move to another seat or move away, Metro-North advises reporting the incident to your conductor. If a conductor is not available, contact Metro-North through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or by phone or email. 

Several major retailers like Walmart, Costco, Target and Trader Joe’s stated they will allow fully vaccinated people to shop indoors without masks.

The governor is still asking unvaccinated people to continue to wear masks.

Food is still required when serving alcohol indoors until Wednesday.


  • Masks will no longer be required outdoors


Masks will continue to be required in some places, whether you are vaccinated or not. Here is where they will be required:


For people who are not vaccinated, masks will be required:


Vaccinated people will not be required to wear masks indoors in several settings, but there are some exceptions.

Masks will be required in the following settings:

  • Health care facilities
  • Facilities housing vulnerable populations
  • Public and private transit
  • Correctional facilities
  • Schools
  • Childcare facilities
  • Businesses, state and local government offices and events may choose to require universal masking.
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