Coyote Attacks Dog in Ansonia

A coyote attacked a 5-year-old male pitbull on Park Place in Ansonia, according to the Ansonia Animal Shelter.

The dog named Lexus survived and is expected to recover from injuries on one of his back legs. He belongs to the Lojewska family that lives at 56 Park Place.

The pitbull will be quarantined for 45 days, which is standard protocol when a wild animal attacks a pet due to the potential for rabies. The dog was up to date on his rabies shots, otherwised he would have been kept in confinement for 180 days.

The Ansonia Animal Shelter is reminding pet owners to stay on top of rabies shots for your animals as a precaution.

"Please spread this to everyone so they are watching their pets and keeping them inside!" the Ansonia Animal Shelter posted on Facebook. "Most importantly keep your animals up to date on their rabies vaccine."

More information was not immediately available.

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