Police in Clinton, East Hartford Warn of Coyote Sightings

Police in Clinton and East Hartford are issuing warning after coyote sightings in the two communities.

Clinton police said there have been coyote sightings on the Town Beach in Clinton and there are concerns about safety as the weather improves and the use of beaches becomes more of a demand.

Clinton police said in a post on their Facebook page that they have reached out to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Wildlife Division.

Clinton police said DEEP wants people to be aware that it's the time of year when coyotes are raising their babies and they're active at all hours, searching for food.

The Clinton Department said officers and Animal Control will keep an eye out for coyote dens near the beach. None have been seen as of now.

East Hartford police are warning of an increase in sightings of coyotes in the area between Arnold Drive, Greenlawn Street and Arbutus Street and said coyotes are rarely a threat to humans, but can sometimes hurt or kill pets. 

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