Invest in a New Brewery

A local brewery needs your help to get off the ground.

Did you know it's American Craft Beer Week? This is your chance to celebrate and enjoy one of the fastest-growing industries. There are thousands of craft breweries across America. And soon, another will open in Connecticut. 

Firefly Brewing Co. is getting ready to open its doors in Bristol. The company is an offshoot of Brew & Wine Hobby, a home brew supply shop. 

Firefly is working on developing five different brews, including an English Bitter, an Amber, a Cream Ale, a Tropical Lager and a double IPA. 

Right now, however, Firefly is in need of your help to get off the ground.  They're asking for funding to get their brewery up and running. 

If you decide to help out, the folks at Firefly want you to know that money will be put to good use.

They're planning on paying their good fortune forward. 

Working with a website called Kickstarter, the brewery plans to pay out all the money they raise, into other food related projects within three years.

Since it's craft beer week, you might want to try out some of the local breweries on the CT Beer Trail. It includes seven seven established breweries and seven more in development.

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