Crazy Bruce Gets National Attention — And Drinks It Up

Local liquor crooner hits the bigtime and loves the publicity.

If you've spent any time watching TV in Connecticut, you've surely come across that jolly, bald-headed man singing as he strolls down the aisles of his liquor store.  And now Crazy Bruce is getting even more national exposure for just doing what he does best.

A few weeks ago on the Jay Leno Show, Jay had a segment poking fun of what he called "Bad Ads” and, as you've guessed, one of the commercials featured Crazy Bruce himself.

Crazy Bruce’s Liquors, whose ads run here on NBC Connecticut, got a mention. In fact, their entire 30-second spot, "The Beer Barrel Polka", was played.  Leno took a jab at the spot saying "it was the worst combination of liquor and singing since David Hasselhoff."

The store seems to be enjoying the free publicity, proudly displays the segment on their Website and inviting customers to vote on whether they think it's the world's worst commercial.

Admit it... its catchy.

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