Crews Continue Search for Evidence in Jennifer Dulos Case

Kenneth Gray, a lecturer on criminal investigations at the University of New Haven, gave insight on the ongoing investigation.

Police returned to the MIRA trash-to-energy facility in Hartford for the 11th day in a row on Thursday. Authorities say they’ve received 550 tips from around the world and 80 videos on the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos. The New Canaan mother was last seen on May 24.

“The tip line has the potential of providing the missing key to the investigation,” said Kenneth Gray, a lecturer on criminal investigations at the University of New Haven.

Gray worked as an FBI agent for 25 years. He’s not affiliated with the Dulos case but said the media attention surrounding the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos could be an important asset to investigators trying to crack the case.

“It may generate the interest that ends up providing the information to the witness to come forward that might have that one piece of information that will make this case,” said Gray.

He said the case won’t go cold until investigators run out of leads. Time is of the essence.

“It’s important to find evidence as soon as possible and so that’s why you see the devoted resources being put to this case early on,” said Gray.

So far, the evidence has led to Jennifer’s estranged husband Fotis, and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis, who are both charged with evidence tampering and hindering prosecution in connection with Jennifer’s disappearance.

New Canaan mother Jennifer Dulos has been missing nearly three weeks.

“I understand why people suspect Mr. Dulos, but I would ask people to follow the evidence, not their hunches, not their suspicions,” said Norm Pattis, Fotis Dulos’ defense attorney.

NBC Connecticut News also reached out to Michelle Troconis’ attorney, as well as the state’s attorney, but did not hear back.

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