LeAnne Gendreau

Bear Euthanized After Breaking Into Torrington House

State Environmental Conservation Police euthanized a bear that entered a Torrington home through a window Tuesday while a teenager was home alone, according to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Torrington police said officers responded to 3467 Winsted Road after a bear pushed through a window screen to get at a loaf of bread on the counter.

Eighteen-year-old Carlos Novicky was home alone at the time.

“The noise was too loud to be coming from the cats. So I thought there was an intruder. Went out to look what was happening, went to the kitchen, turned my head to the right, saw a bear staring right at me," he said.

Novicky said he went back to his room and called his mom and she instructed him to call police, so Carlos called police and animal control.

"To get a call that you have a bear going into your house is kind of crazy," Carlos' mom, Kelly Novicky, said. 

The bear left after getting what he wanted.

When the bear left the house state Environmental Conservation police euthanized the animal, which is standard DEEP protocol, DEEP confirmed.

The female bear was approximately 1 year old and DEEP said the agency had no previous contact with the animal.

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