Explosion at Naugatuck Construction Site

In a moment captured on a home’s video surveillance, you can see an explosion rocket large pieces of debris into the air and rain down onto Field Street in Naugatuck. A utility pole shook, and power and telephone lines were knocked down.

“You had that second of ‘here it comes’ and when you hear the blast and look out and see everything flying. It’s very surprising,” said neighbor John Pereira.

Pereira said his driveway and mailbox are damaged and he plans to get his foundation checked.

The powerful blast shook homes and sent neighbors running outside.

“It felt like a bomb outside, and I'm sure my neighbors felt the same things. Definitely a scary experience,” said neighbor Andrea Jimenez.

Jimenez says the blast damaged her fence and rocks landed in her driveway.

The explosion was so powerful it sent six 5,000 pound blast mats flying into the air. That equipment is supposed to suppress flying debris but instead became a part of it.

“I can’t even imagine getting hit by one of the rocks out on our lawn,” said Jimenez.

Naugatuck Fire said around 11.30 a.m. Friday they received a report of a blasting accident. Crews said it was the first day the company, BlasTech out of Plantsville, was clearing the lot when something went wrong. Fire officials said earlier in the day the company conducted another blast without incident. A home is eventually expected to be built on the lot.

“Very fortunate that no one was injured,” said Naugatuck Assistant Fire Chief John DeBisschop. “The blasting company did have the road closed at each end while they blasted so there was no traffic involvement.”

Hours after the blast, crews worked to clear the road and Field Street reopened to traffic in the afternoon.

The local fire marshal said that at this time it does not appear that the company did anything wrong, adding that it appears all proper procedures and protocols were followed.

Neighbors say it’s certainly put them on edge when it comes to any future blasting.

“I’m actually concerned about it being so close to the road,” said Jimenez.

“I do not want any more blasting here. This is damage enough. I don’t know how much more they need to do, but I’m not comfortable with them blasting anymore,” said Pereira.

The local fire marshal tells us it doesn’t appear there’s any structural damage to homes.

It’s unknown when blasting would resume.

NBC Connecticut did reach out to BlasTech but has not heard back.

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