Waterbury 3rd Grader Dies After Collapsing at After-School Program

A third-grader died after suffering an asthma attack Wednesday and collapsing at her after-school program in Waterbury, Connecticut, school officials said.

Sharmaya Ogman, a 9-year-old who attended Duggan Elementary School, was rushed to the hospital, where she died Thursday, according to Waterbury Public Schools Supt. Kathleen Ouellette.

"We’re extremely distraught over the situation," said Ouellette.

The Waterbury Board of Education held a moment of silence Thursday in honor of Sharmaya, described by her teachers as an excellent student and beloved friend.

"Certainly our hearts go out to the family, our students, and our staff," Ouellette said.

The school system sent crisis teams to help support Sharmaya's peers and those involved in her after-school program.

"Counseling has been around the clock since this morning, and especially last evening, when she was transported to the hospital," Ouellette said Thursday.

That counseling will continue as needed.

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