Cromwell School Board Vows to Investigate Misconduct Allegations

Two top school leaders in Cromwell are off the job amid accusations of possible misconduct, and now the Board of Education says it wants to get to the bottom of the issue.

“We know this is an incredibly challenging time for the district and it’s unfortunate we’re in this situation,” said Mike Camilleri, school board chairman.

It was an unusual start to Tuesday’s school board meeting in Cromwell. Earlier in the day, both the superintendent, John Maloney, and the assistant superintendent, Dr. Krista Karch, were put on paid administrative leave.

“We are also well aware this is not a popularity contest. And our job is not to do what will make the most people happy but to do what we think is right,” said Camilleri.

According to the school board, an anonymous letter accused the pair of possible misconduct or taking actions that could get in the way of their jobs.

A law firm has been hired to investigate, with hopes of finishing a review within weeks.

“We’re willing to participate and prepared to participate in any investigation which would be the appropriate place for teachers to address any concerns or questions,” said Amy Carta, teachers union president.

At the meeting there was pushback. Some believe the anonymous writer should be questioned including how they went about getting the information. And several stood up to support the superintendent.

“Superintendent Maloney has always been fair, honest and unbiased in all my dealings with him,” said Linda Demetriades, paraprofessional union president.

NBC Connecticut reached out to the superintendent and assistant superintendent for comment but has not yet heard back.

For now, the high school principal has been named interim superintendent.

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