Thea Digiammerino

Cromwell Families Cashing in on Travelers Championship

The Travelers Championship brings huge crowds to Cromwell, and local families know how to make the most of it.

Nick Libera‘s family has been letting cars park on their property in Cromwell near TPC River Highlands for as long as he can remember.

They can squeeze in about 240 cars at $10 a ride. “Good extra money,” said Libera.

While he’s modest about it, folks living along Main Street have been pocketing a lot of extra cash since the start of the championship in Cromwell, paying for mortgages and trips abroad.

“Usually Friday and Sundays are the best days. And people are buying it,” said Libera.

“Well it’s more convenient really because they have the space and you just walk down to the ninth hole and you’re right there,” said Kent Thomas of Trumbull.

Thomas has been parking in the Libera’s lot for about a decade now whatever the weather

“I’m a golfer. Lightning’s the only thing that bothers me and snow because you can’t find the ball.”

Small business owner Bob Conyers was pleased his parking spot supported a local family.

“Mainly because it was so easy it was right there. Boom.”

The family business impressing these tournament fans here for part sales trip, part fun.

“Makes me want to buy a house here. They got to make some money,” said Josh Eckhardt from Maine.

While some people come to Cromwell to watch the golf, others have learned how to hustle from working the tournament over the years.

“64 Main Street in Cromwell. It’s the best spot,” said Libera. “There’s no mud so it’s easy to get in and out.”

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