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Crowd Threw Snow, Ice at Firefighters, Police Responding to Bonfire in East Haven: Police

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East Haven police responded to help firefighters who were called to put out a large bonfire when people in the crowd started to throw snow and ice balls at firefighters, police said.

People also threw snow and ice at police officers and hit an officer in the head with a heavy backpack, police said.

Police said firefighters responded to Bradford Avenue to put out a large bonfire and people in the crowd in the backyard of the residence started throwing snow and ice balls at them.

Things started to escalate, and the crowd began to throw other items at the fire department as well as more items into the large fire, police said.

According to police, the crowd ripped items off the house and hurled into the crowd and 

As officers were speaking with 56-year-old Glen Degray, of East Haven, the crowd began to throw snow and ice, and yell at officers, according to police. 

They said a large piece of ice hit a police cruiser with several people standing near it and Degray threatened to start a riot if the officers didn’t leave. 

Police called for help from law enforcement in the area and members of the Branford Police Department, Connecticut State Police and New Haven Police Departments responded to assist. 

They said that 33-year-old Michael Ciarleglio, of Wallingford, approached officers from behind and he ignored commands to get back and lunged at an officer, pushing him out of the way, to try and lunge at another officer who had just arrived at the scene. 

As officers took Ciarleglio into custody, the crowd began hopping the fence, moving toward the officers, and kept throwing objects, officials said. 

An East Haven officer was hit in the head with a heavy backpack filled with various items, police said. That officer was not injured. 

Police sprayed “OC spray,” more commonly known as pepper spray.

Degray was charged with inciting a riot and, breach of peace in the second degree.

Ciarleglio was charged with breach of peace in the second degree and interfering with an officer.

Both were later released on $2,500 bonds and are scheduled to appear in court on April 12 in New Haven. 

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