Crunching Keys for Chance at 50G's

Arthritis? Carpal Tunnel? Who cares when you can get rich by text messaging!

The third annual LG National Texting Championship takes place New York City on June 15 and 16, and Connecticut's very own Jackie Boyd, 20, will be there -- thumbs ready.

LG sought out 22 of the speediest texters in America and Jackie joins 21 others as these “Text Titans” compete in a variety of texting activities, which will surely put their skills to the test.

Boyd, who lives in Monroe and attends Syracuse University, said (or typed) in a strictly text message interview that she is incredibly excited but also a bit nervous for Tuesday’s competition.

When asked how fast Jackie can actually type she replied, “eh i would say im pretty fast lol i can get a good paragraph in easy! and i never timed myself so i wouldn’t know ha.”

For those of you still living in the stone ages, “lol” means laugh out loud and, as for proper text grammar, well there really isn’t any. 

The two-day marathon will go down in front of a live audience and will push the superstars to the limit, testing their dexterity, speed and knowledge. The two who survive will battle each other in a speed texting mini-tourney to see who will take the cake.

The winner will walk away with a $50,000 check and the coveted title of LG texting champ.

For the 21 eliminated players, there will be other chances to win thousands of dollars in consolation prizes, and of course, other LG products.
The company has already provided Jackie with the new enV3 .

"One of the goals of the campaign was to generate interest and engagement with consumers to join the contest and play. It's great to see an innovator like LG use SMS text messaging in a unique, differentiated manner to drive brand awareness and consumer participation for the texting contest” said David Spear, executive vice president at LSN Mobile Technologies in Atlanta.
So make Connecticut proud, Jackie, and break a leg (but please, whatever you do, don't break a finger.)

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