CSCU Suspends Tuition Payments for Federal Workers Affected by Shutdown

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities have suspended tuition payments for federal workers affected by the shutdown and their dependents, according to a letter from the CSCU president.

CSCU President Mark Ojakian directed colleges and universities to temporarily suspend tuition payments as long as the shutdown lasts. Students will have to sign a document confirming their financial impact and that they will pay when the government reopens.

“We must recognize that the federal shutdown has potential to cause real pain for our some of our students, our staff and their families, and we as educational leaders must do everything in our power to help wherever we can. And above all, we must treat those harmed with compassion and respect,” Ojakian wrote.

Ojakian also said in the letter that while CSCU has seen only limited impact from the shutdown, he is concerned both for those federal employees and families affected by missed paychecks, and also for students who may not be able to confirm their eligibility for federal financial aid options during the shutdown.

The CSCU system is made up of four regional universities and 12 community colleges and as of Fall 2018 served more than 140,000 students.

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