CSI: Mountain Lion Edition

The mystery of the Connecticut mountain lion could soon be solved. 

Wildlife experts are performing a necropsy, the animal version of an autopsy, today on the big cat that was hit and killed by a car last week in Milford, the Greenwich Time reports

They hope to learn if the animal was held captive and if it was a North American or South American mountain lion.

DEP officials said they plan to look at what the cat ate to see if that gives them clues about whether the animal was held in captivity. 

Along the same lines, they'll look to see if the cat was ever treated by a veterinarian. They hope to have results by the end of the week.

Meantime, the U.S. Forestry Service and a private company are performing their own tests, which aren't expected for about three weeks.

There have been several sightings since the cat was killed. 

Despite the sightings, the DEP maintains that there isn't enough evidence to back up the notion that there are multiple mountain lions roaming around in Connecticut. 

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