20 Years Later, State's Equal Education Case

Twenty years have passed since the lengthy trial and Hartford lawsuit, Sheff vs. O'Neill, that led to a state Supreme Court ruling that began the integration of the state's schools. 

Milo Sheff was only 10 years old when he signed on as the main plaintiff in the suit and helped fight for equal education in Connecticut.

The lawsuit argued that segregated schools were inferior and violated the constitutional right to an equal education. In the end, the state Supreme court agreed with the plaintiffs, but the struggle to integrate the schools continues to this day.
Now the Hartford boy with such a big voice is all grown up. The 30-year-old and his mother, Elizabeth Horton Sheff, spoke with the Hartford Courant and said they during the trial, his own education suffered 
"I had to be super-adult all the time," Sheff told the newspaper.  
"I got death threats, phone calls," Horton Sheff told the newspaper. "Being a pioneer in a civil rights action, some of that is expected."

Sheff is now a musician who raps and produces under the independent label Harsh Reality. 

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