CT-Based Americares Providing Help as India Experiences Surge of COVID Cases

Americares in India

India is experiencing a surge in cases of coronavirus and Stamford-based Americares has a team there to provide ssistance to the people of India.

“So, the second wave or second surge of Covid, I would say, is impacting every Indian. I don’t  see any family which hasn’t been touched by the current wave that we are experiencing,” Shripad Desai, India content director of Americares India Foundation, said.

He described what he is seeing as “frightening.”

“I would say it is humongous,” he added.

Desai said the surge is having a  mental health impact on the families.

He said 3,500 people are dying every day, thousands are undergoing medical treatment and many others are going through grief and stress.

“For the common man this is a situation that we just haven’t seen,” he said.  

Americares has a team of 100 people in India to help.

Desai said Americares is supplying oxygen concentrators, ventilators and other equipment.

“Second, we are supporting the healthcare workers with PPE and N95 masks and third we’re also preparing communities for COVID-19-appropriate behavior and vaccination sensitization,” he said.   

Information on how you can help is available on Americares’ website.

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