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CT Dept. of Transportation Announces Winning Names for Snow Plow Contest

NBC Connecticut

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) has decided on four winning names for its inaugural "Name the Snow Plow" contest.

After receiving nearly 1,700 entries from Connecticut residents, the winning names are "Scoop Dogg," "Husky McSalty" "Buzz Iceclear" and "Plowzilla."

The four winning names will represent the four CTDOT maintenance districts of Connecticut, with each name to be displayed on the front sides of four CTDOT snow plows.

The CTDOT highway operations team uses more than 600 state plow trucks as well as 24 tandem axle Tow Plows.

“The Name the Snowplow contest was a new way for the DOT to connect and engage with residents across the state. I appreciate the creativity, enthusiasm, and fun residents had with our first-ever snowplow naming contest,” said CTDOT Commissioner Joseph Giulietti.

 “These newly named snowplows will be traveling throughout the state. As always, keep yourselves and our drivers safe – don’t crowd the plow,” he said.

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