CT DMV Warning Teens Dangers of ‘Pokemon Go' and Driving

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles is warning teen drivers to stop putting themselves and others in danger when playing 'Pokemon Go'.

The 'augmented reality' mobile game has become extremely popular nationwide. DMV officials said that the states roadways are no place to be playing the game.

“To me, it’s addicting," said Leiah Evans, 13, from New Haven.

That so-called 'addiction' has prompted DMV officials to warn teenagers about playing the game while driving.

“You could end up killing somebody or yourself," said Leiah's mother, Louella Pratt. While she believes the DMV's new message is a bit odd, Pratt said is also very much needed. “As a parent, you just have to monitor their time," Pratt said.

Teen drivers and their parents are being reminded that state law prohibits 16 and 17 year old drivers from using any mobile device while behind the wheel.

“To me, it’s cool to see an animated character in the real world," said Evans about her new favorite game. She admits that it can be distracting. "One time I walked into a poll while doing it," she said.

Officials from the DMV warn that distraction could become disastrous or even deadly out on the open road.

“It’s dangerous; whether it’s Pokemon, texting, checking emails," said Igor Ginzburg, of Hamden, who said he downloaded the Pokemon Go app but then later uninstalled it because it was not to his liking.

Teenagers caught playing the game while driving will lose their license for 30 days after the first offense. It will cost $175 to get the license reinstated.

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