CT Emissions Test System: What You Need to Know During Ongoing Outage

Connecticut’s Department of Motor Vehicles is making temporary provisions for drivers in the meantime.

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The computer system Connecticut uses to process vehicle emissions tests has been down for two weeks now.

A malware attack is to blame and it’s having an impact on seven other states too.

Connecticut’s Department of Motor Vehicles is making temporary provisions for drivers in the meantime.

Connecticut requires vehicles emissions testing every two years, with some exceptions.

If you need to register or renew your car during the outage, you can still do so.

The emissions compliance will have to be checked once the system is restored.

“We did a workaround to make sure they can still use their vehicles and they can proceed like they’ve been proceeding every day. They just don’t have emissions test at this time,” said CT DMV Deputy Commissioner Tony Guerrera.

Guerrera says they’ve been in contact with local law enforcement too.

They’ve asked police to not cite drivers whose vehicles have an expired emission during this outage.

Prospect Foreign Car Center in West Hartford is usually running emissions tests on 40 to 45 cars a day and 30 or so on Saturday, according to owner Franco Marcantonio.

“It does hurt because I have four inspector and they are still on payroll, which I pay them and there’s no emission,” but he adds, in his 17 years running a certified test center for the state the computer system has been flawless.

David Knight of West Hartford is one of hundreds of drivers Prospect Foreign Car Center had to turn away, since the March 30 malware attack.

“We’re answering at least 40-50 calls a day just for emissions,” said Marcantonio.

Knight says he'll be back in a week or so.

The car center has created a list to call customers when the system is up and running again.

The company that runs the computer system, Applus, says they’re investigating if Connecticut motorists' information could have been compromised, as they work to fix any kinks in the system before relaunching it.

They have no timetable as of now.

“We’re allowing people to still register their car with no issues and then once it’s up and running again we’ll be in contact with them to come and get their emissions test done,” said Guerrera.

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