CT Gas Prices Out of Top Ten

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This holiday weekend there's some good news at the pumps. Connecticut is no longer in the top ten states with highest gas prices.

However, it's not because prices here have dropped recently. Instead, prices elsewhere are up.

The average price for regular unleaded in Connecticut is now $3.80 a gallon, according to AAA.  That's up eight cents from a month ago, but it's down 15 cents over this time last year.

"They're outrageous," said Steve Terreri of Guilford.

"Nobody likes paying high gas prices," said Noel Brown of Windsor.

Last summer, Connecticut topped the list of states in the continental U.S. with the highest gas prices.

The state fell out of the top ten earlier this week and is now ranked number 17.

"That sounds better than it is though because it's mainly thanks to prices elsewhere rising especially in the Midwest and West. They've seen a price spike of late because of tight supplies and refinery issues," said Aaron Kupec, a spokesman for AAA.

Gas prices nationwide are starting to fall, according to AAA.

However, in July, prices in Connecticut will jump about four cents a gallon because of a state tax hike.

"I wish they'd go down again. They continue to rise and it creates a lot of problems for people traveling," said Jennifer Cuomo of East Hartford.

About 1.4 million New Englanders will be traveling on highways this holiday weekend, according to AAA. Nearly two-thirds of travelers have said gas prices will not impact their plans, the organization said.

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