CT GOP Lawmakers Embrace Trump

The top two Republicans in the Connecticut General Assembly say Donald Trump's soaring popularity and landslide victory in the Connecticut Presidential Primary need to be embraced by voters across Connecticut.

While both Rep. Themis Klarides and Sen. Len Fasano said they didn't like everything the businessman GOP presidential frontrunner has said, his popularity among GOP voters in Connecticut can't be denied after he won the state by thirty points on Tuesday night.

“In terms of the language that’s being used by Donald Trump to talk about the politics, government, he’s a cathartic voice" said Sen. Fasano the Minority Leader in the State Senate who supported Gov. John Kasich in the GOP primary.

"So those voters are rewarding him for speaking for them because those voices have been muted by our system that we have of political correctness.”

Trump won across all education and income levels in Tuesday's vote according to NBC News exit polls.

As Republicans in Connecticut try to win control of the State House and Senate this fall, they say they need to embrace what Trump is selling to capture the support of GOP voters who are participating in the process as a direct result of Trump's campaign.

Sen. Tony Hwang who supported Kasich, now says there are lessons to be learned from Trump.

“He has captured a sense of frustration and energy level that has been remarkable in any election cycle and I think it is incumbent upon us in any election cycle to understand that it exists and that we need harness it, capture it, and represent that.”

Rep. Themis Klarides, the top Republican in the House of Representatives said the party needs to accept and figure out a way to capitalize on Trump's support, even with his comments about women and the notion of having Mexico build a border wall to keep out illegal immigrants from the United States.

“I think people are ready for somebody who is out of the box and is not your typical politician," Rep. Klarides said.

The Connecticut Democratic Party attempted to capitalize on the Trump win, saying his policies, rhetoric, and ideas are bad for Connecticut and not what voters want.

In a statement, the Connecticut Democratic Party's Executive Director, Alynn Woischke said the Connecticut GOP "is no longer the party of reasoned debate and moderation, but has fully transformed into the party of Trump."

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