CT Insurers Agree to Cover Costs of COVID-19 Testing

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The Connecticut Insurance Department has been working with insurers to make certain appropriate coverage is available for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

There are steps being taken regarding health insurance and travel insurance. The governor has signed declarations both for a civil preparedness emergency and a public health emergency in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, which means some consumers and businesses may be able to take advantage of travel insurance for affected trips. Coverage will still depend on the terms of each policy.

On the health insurance side, Gov. Ned Lamont and the Insurance Department are encouraging insurers to consider waiving cost-sharing for provider visits and testing for COVID-19.

“Testing is vital because that is how we are able to isolate cases and to reduce the incidence of transmission,” said Andrew Mais, commissioner of the Connecticut Insurance Department.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of Monday there were 79 state and local health labs able to test for COVID-19. Commercial labs are currently working to develop their own tests, which would allow for a greater number of people to be tested.

Insurers are also being asked to consider cover telehealth services offering advice and treatment for COVID-19, and to authorize 90-day supplies of prescription medication.

“There are other positives for consumers that we’ve negotiated with our insurance partners, including the ability to use telehealth so they can do it from home. And for older people like my mother who perhaps don’t want to go to the pharmacy you can get a 90-day prescription refill even if you’ve had, the original prescription was only for 30 days,” Mais explained.

Mais said these steps are not a mandate, but rather an agreement between the state and insurers regulated by the Connecticut Insurance Department.

Companies including AetnaCVS, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Connecticut, Cigna, ConnectiCare, and UnitedHealth Group are all working with the state and have agreed to cover the testing fees. You should check with your specific insurer to see how you are covered.

“We all share the same goal: keep Connecticut residents healthy, reduce the spread of this virus, keep people out of the hospital so that we can make sure the economy and the citizenry of Connecticut stays as healthy as possible,” Mais said.

For more details on how the state Department of Insurance is handling the COVID-19 outbreak, click here.

You can also visit the state's coronavirus information website here. 

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