Connecticut National Guard

CT National Guardsmen Say Farewell as They Leave for Deployment

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Sacrifice doesn’t just hang on the shoulders of soldiers, but on the ones who wrap their arms around them.

“This is his first deployment,” a wife of a National guardsman said.

“We’ve never been separated for so long before,” she added.

She and her young children are one of dozens of Connecticut families saying goodbye for now to their loved ones, members of the Connecticut National Guard Military Police company.

“They been working together as a team to get to this point, it’s almost a whole year of train up that we have to do in order to prepare,” the company’s commander said.

The Niantic based company will  spend several weeks training at an active duty post in Texas before heading overseas where they will provide mission command, planning, security, personnel and logistical support to Military Police units in support of Joint Task Force Guantanamo and Operation Enduring Freedom.

There’s no word yet on how long exactly the mission will last, but the guard members are expected to return to Connecticut later on this year.

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